Professor S. Alex Haslam


Professor S. Alex Haslam

Professor of Psychology and ARC Laureate Fellow

University of Queensland 

Curriculum Vitae 


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  • 1985 M.A. Hons (first class), Psychology University of St Andrews 
  • 1991 PhD, Psychology Macquarie University (PhD title:Social Comparative Context, Self-Categorization and Stereotyping)
  • Supervisor: J. C. Turner 


  • 2/1990 – 2/1991 Lecturer, Department of Behavioural Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney
  • 3/1991 – 2/2001 Research Officer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, School of Psychology, The Australian National University
  • 3/2001 – 2012 Professor, School of Psychology, University of Exeter
  • 8/2012 – present Professor and ARC Laureate Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Queensland 


  • Psychology in organizations —with an emphasis on the contribution of social identity to leadership, motivation, communication, decision-making, negotiation, and productivity.
  • The social psychology of stereotyping, prejudice, and tyranny— exploring the role of group processes in the dynamics of intergroup relations and conflict.
  • Social processes in health and well-being —looking at the contribution of group life to stress, coping and well-being, especially in vulnerable populations.
  • Research methodology —focusing on issues of research design, ethics, and uncertainty management. 

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