Current research projects

Cognitive development during infancy

  • memory development in early infancy
  • preconditions of memory development in early infancy (development of self, development of pretend-play, development of metarepresentation)

Cognitive development during childhood and throughout adulthood

Cognitive development in younger and older adulthood

  • memory for actions
  • memory function in healthy aging adults vs. patients
  • training strategies for optimal aging
  • assessment of memory aging with behavioural as well as brain imaging techniques (fMRi)

Current research grants

Memory in early infancy (Frankfurt memory study (FRAMES); DFG project; since January 2004 until August 2007)

Learning and memory in infants (LEGES; DFG-project; since January 2008)

Memory for action events in young and elderly adults; relationship between behavioural as well as fMRi-indications (DFG-project; since January 2006)

Learning and memory performance during toddler- and preschool childhood (LEGEK; DFG-project; since May 2011)

Current external collaborators

Heidi Keller, University of Osnabrück
Reza Kormi-Nouri, University of Örebro, Sweden
Arnold Lohaus, University of Bielefeld
Lars-Göran Nilsson, University of Stockholm, Sweden
Jenny Rusted, University of Sussex, United Kingdom
Gudrun Schwarzer, University of Giessen
Jochen Triesch, Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS)


American Psychological Association
Association for Psychological Science
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychologie
Deutscher Hochschulverband
European Society for Cognitive Psychology (ESCOP)
European Society for Developmental Psychology
Society for Research in Child Development