Welcome to the Lifespan Cognitive and Brain Development (LISCO) Lab!

Our research focuses on the development of cognitive and neural functioning across the human lifespan, with an emphasis on episodic memory. Episodic memory refers to our memory of experiences situated in time and place. We aim to shed light on the mechanisms underlying age-related differences as well as within-person changes in the functioning of episodic memory, and cognitive abilities in general.

With the notion that human development is embedded within environments and shaped by individuals’ experiences, one of our research foci is to unravel the mechanisms through which environmental factors, such as formal school entry and stress-related social disadvantages, impact children’s cognitive and brain development.

Our methodological approach is characterized by an emphasis on experimental (comparing cross-sectional group differences) as well as longitudinal (following individuals across time) studies. We utilize neuroimaging (e.g., structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging) and multivariate developmental methodology (e.g., structural equation and latent growth curve modeling) to investigate the unfolding of brain–behavior relationships across time.

Selection of Ongoing Projects:

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