Age-related and individual differences in the time-course and information content of early face brain activity

Dr. Guillaume Rousselet
University of Glasgow

Termin: 11. Juni 2015 Zeit: 16 Uhr c.t. Ort: Campus Westend, SH 1.104

In this talk I will present a quantification of age-related and individual differences in visual processing. I will show examples using simplified pictures of faces and textures, EEG recordings, and relatively simple tasks, demonstrating that ageing, at least in a cross-sectional design involving 120 participants, is associated with a slowing-down of visual processing. This ageing effect does not seem to be explainable by low-level factors, such as retinal illuminance, and these factors also fail to explain the large individual differences in processing speed. Using reverse-correlation and mutual information, I will describe how early face ERPs are mostly modulated by the presence of the contralateral eye area in both younger and older participants. However, with ageing, this contralateral eye sensitivity is delayed, weaker, less lateralised, and differently coded in the pattern of ERP responses.