Dr. Peter Schludecker


Dr. Peter Schludecker

IT Support

Contact Details

Goethe University of Frankfurt
Institute of Psychology

PEG Building, Room 5G.067
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6
60323 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Tel.: +49(0)69 / 798-35318
E-Mail: schludecker@psych.uni-frankfurt.de

Personal Details


Foreign Languages:

English fluent, good knowledge of French, basic knowledge of Spanish


Professional Qualifications

1961 - 1969

Technical University of Karlsruhe, Studies of Physics
- Graduation as Diplom Physiker
- Promotion as Dr. rer. nat.


Graduation as a Trainer in industry

1985 - 1996

Various workshops and seminars in the field of Management, Business, Innovation,  Information Technology and Communication Networks

2002 - 2006

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt (U3L), Studies in Psychology


Professional Background

1966 – 1970

University of Karlsruhe, Postgraduate research work on high energy physics

1970 – 2002
1970 – 1973
1973 – 1985
1985 – 1988

 1988 – 1992
1992 – 1994

1995 – 1997
1998 – 2000

2001 -2002

Hoechst AG, Frankfurt
Systems Analyst for scientific IT programs and solutions
Department Head of the Hoechst computer center
Department Head for Informatics and Communication
Installation and operation of LAN and Intranet within Hoechst AG
Division Head for development and operation of IT Centers and Networks
Planning and introduction of new IT services

Area Head of IT in Infraserv Höchst KG, responsible for all IT services
Planning and introduction of a new building IT system
at the headquarter of Aventis S.A., Strassbourg, France
Internal IT Consultant

2002 - 2004


2006 - ongoing

Senior Expert Service, Bonn

IT Project at Erdenet Mining Corporation in Erdenet City, Mongolia

Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Institute of Psychology, Frankfurt/Main


Special Knowledge

  • Operation of IT Centres – Hard- and Software

  • Installation and Operation of Netware – Intranet – Internet (Provider, Server, Software)
    - LAN (IP, Router, Switch)
    - WAN (VPN, Carrier, E-mail)
    - Mobile communication (Mobile phone, PDA, Laptop)

  • Hard- and Software in Office environment (Phone, Video, PC)

  • IT Security (Organization, Hard-, Software)

  • Consulting of specialists from affiliate companies or connected enterprises


Additional Knowledge

  • Trouble shooting on IT problems

  • Advanced training of IT specialists

  • Project management concerning IT structures and IT environment

  • Cooperation in multinational IT projects

  • Acquisition, Mergers and restructuring of enterprises in the IT area


International Experience

  • Worked for longer periods in USA, Japan, Brazil, France and other European countries


Special Qualification for Assignments

  • Perfect Know how to support the local management and specialists restructure the IT systems within the organization