Prof. Dr. Sabine Windmann


Prof. Dr. Sabine Susanne Windmann

Head of the Group
"Cognitive Psychology II"
(Allgemeine Psychologie II)

Vertrauensdozentin für Studierende der Psychologie

Contact Details

Goethe University of Frankfurt
Institute of Psychology

Building PEG, Room 5G.066
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6
60323 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Tel.: +49(0)69 / 798-35313

Office hours:
Monday, 3 p.m. or by appointment (via e-mail)

Personal Details

Family status:

married, two children



Venia legendi in the Cognitive Neurosciences at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Faculty of Psychology

Thesis (opus magnum): „What you see is never what you get: Dissociating top-down biases in perception and memory from bottom-up processes”


Doctoral Degree (Dr. rer. nat.) from the Faculty I (Psychology) at the University of Trier.

Dissertation: “Unconscious Information Processing in Panic Disorder: Integration of neurobiologcial and psychologcial factors”


Diploma in Psychology, comparable to MSc

Thesis: „Parameters of pathological and spontaneous eye-blinking“ (Spontaneous eyeblinking as a function of attention in schizophrenic subjects and healthy controls)


studied Psychology at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-University Bonn (Germany), main subjects: Biopsychology, Forensic and Clinical Psychology


Pre-diploma (comparable to BSc)


Studied Psychology at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen (Germany)

Academic And Other Positions

Since 04/2006

Full Professor of Psychology at Goethe University Frankfurt (Germany)

04/2006 – 07/2008

Senior Lecturer and later Reader at University of Plymouth UK (partly)

01/2001 – 05/2005

Lecturer and Researcher at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Department of Biopsychology, Ruhr-University Bochum (Germany)


Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Cognitive Science, University of California San Diego (USA)


Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Graduate Program KOGNET („Cognition, Brain, and Neural Networks“) at the University Bochum (Germany)


Research Assistant (fulltime) at the Medical Faculty of the Saarland University (Germany), Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology


Teaching Assistant at the Department of Clinical and Applied Psychology at the University of Bonn (Germany)

07/1991-10/1991 01/1992-11/1992

Student Assistant and Tutor in the Department of Clinical and Applied Psychology, University of Bonn (Germany)

 Research Interests

  • Decision-making in the face of uncertainty, risk, ambiguity, and conflict
  • Prosocial and moral decision-making
  • Altruistic motivation and moral courage

 Other Experiences

1994 – 2004

Psychological expert on eyewitness credibility [Psychologische Sachverständige] for courts in Trier, Kaiserslautern, Wittlich, and Bochum (Germany)

 Consulting Reviews (selection)

Journal of Abnormal Psychology,  Cognitive Brain Research, Cognitive, Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience, Psychophysiology, Neuropsychologia, Cognition and Emotion, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, Journal of Experimental Psychology: LMC,  Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, Brain and Cognition, Frontiers in Decision Neuroscience, International Journal of Psychophysiology, Biological Psychiatry, PlosOne