Research in Allgemeine Psychologie II

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Prosocial Behavior and Cooperation

Motivational Basis of Altruism

Altruism is a form of prosocial behavior that benefits others but is costly to oneself. Understanding this type of social behavior is important in a world with rapidly growing human population and limited natural resources. In this series of projects, we are interested in different facets of prosocial behavior and their relation to each other. We try to understand their emotional, motivational, and neural underpinnings. [For further information please contact: Sabine Windmann]

The Extended Self

Individuals differ with regard to the “oneness” of their self concept, though this may not be conscious. Some people define themselves quite individualistically as a delimited unit, whereas others have a broader, more “distributed” sense of themselves. We wish to test the theory that the latter goes along with enhanced empathy, higher social and emotional intelligence, and enhanced observational learning. This association could help explain the evolutionary basis of “strong” altruism, a form of prosocial behavior that is costly to the actor without providing any direct or indirect benefit whatsoever. [For further information please contact: Sabine Windmann]