Psychologische Methodenlehre, Evaluation und Forschungsmethodik

The Methods Division at the Institute of Psychology of Goethe University Frankfurt is actively engaged in research in the area of Psychological Methods Development. This includes innovative developments of statistical models to better and more effectively evaluate psychological research questions. Also, we are working on tools to improve the testing and validation of specific types of hypothesis common in empirical psychology and related fields, such as Educational Research and Health Care Research. Quantitative research topics include


-         Structural equation modeling

-         Models for the analysis of interacting (non-additive) effects of predictor variables (e.g. latent variable interaction)

-         Analysis of heterogenity (subject-level error variance) in regression analysis

-         Advanced models for longitudinal data analysis (e.g., growth curve modeling, analysis of uncertainty of individual trend

-         Analysis and interpretation of surrogat (biomarker) variables

-         Testing of non-linear model structures

-         Power and robustness studies for advanced statistical models

-         Development of effective estimation algorithms

-         Research designs for the causal interpretation of observational data


Besides research in Psychological Methods, the Division also pursues various interests in substantive areas of Psychology, which include, but are not limited to research in

-          Psychological Assessment, e.g., test development and construct validation

-          Clinical Psychology, e.g., complex longitudinal designs

-          Differential Psychology, e.g., moderator and latent class analyses


Current Research projects

-          Development of model fit indices in nonlinear models

-          Alternatives to estimating latent growth curve models

-          Research on the structure of perfectionism