M.Sc. Eleonora Bartoli

Gebäude PEG, 5. OG, Raum 010
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6
60629 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: 069/798-35312

E-mail: bartoli@psych.uni-frankfurt.de




Since 2019    PhD Student in the Department of Psychology and Sport Sciences of the
                      Goethe University of Frankfurt, Germany.
                      Research Project: Emotion regulation and executive functions in the
                      personal narratives of maltreated children
                      Supervisor: Prof. Tilmann Habermas

2015              Master’s Degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at the University of
                      Florence, Italy.
                      Dissertation title: Developing Narrative Competences in Children:
                      Linguistic Tools and Search of Causes.
                      Supervisors: Prof. Andrea Smorti (University of Florence) and
                      Prof. Edy Veneziano (Descartes University – Paris V)

Research Experiences:
2017- 2019   Junior research Fellow, Department of Educational Science and Psychology,
                     University of Florence, Italy.
                     Project title: CAB (La Città ai Bambini) – Children’s narrative and Theory of Mind.
                     Scientific Director: Prof. Andrea Smorti

2016             Junior research fellow in the Department of Educational Science and Psychology of
                     the University of Florence, Italy.
                     Project title: The verification of different narrative conditions for memories of a staged
                     event: analysis of quantitative data and personal narratives.
                     Scientific Director: Prof. Andrea Smorti.

2015-2016    Research Traineeship in the Institut of Psychology of the Descartes University of
                     Paris, France.
                     Project title: Children’s narratives and executive functions
                     Supervisor: Prof. Edy Veneziano

Teaching Experiences:
2016-2018      Teaching Assistant in the following courses:

  • Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Florence, Italy
  • Exercises in Developmental and Educational Psychology, School of Psychology, University of Florence, Italy

Elmi, B.*, Bartoli, E.*, & Smorti, A. (in press). Autobiographical memory and autobiographical narrative of a staged event: The influence of the listener. Applied Cognitive Psychology, DOI: 10.1002/acp.3540.

Bartoli, E., & Smorti, A. (2018). Facing the Language-Memory Problem in the Study of Autobiographical Memory. Integrative Psychological and Behavioral Science, 1-23.

Bartoli, E., Veneziano, E. & Smorti, A. (2016). Coherence and mental reference in french-speaking children’s narratives: Comparing the effects of two intervention procedures.  RIPLA Rivista Italiana di Psicolinguistica Applicata, 16(1), 69-91.