M.A. / M. Sc. Nina Kemper


M.A. / M. Sc.  Nina Kemper
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin

Raum: PEG 5. G. 001
Tel.: 069-798-35298
E-Mail: Kemper@psych.uni-frankfurt.de

Sprechstunde im WS 2018/19

nach Vereinbarung

Curriculum Vitae:

Since 07/2019 Project coordinator for the fith Wave of "MainLife"
(funded by the German Research Foundation, DFG)

Since 04/2018 Doctor candidate, research & teaching assistant

2018 M.Sc. in psychology (Master-Thesis: "Implicit and explicit motives in life narratives:
Relations and longitudinal development")

2015 M.A. in philosophy, sociology and german literature (Master-Thesis:
"Sense and nonsense in Wittgenstein's private language argument")