M. Sc. Manxia Huang

Gebäude PEG, 5. OG, Raum 009
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6
60629 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: 069/798-35296

E-mail: s4099771@stud.uni-frankfurt.de


Curriculum Vitae

Gender: Female
Date: August 10, 1989
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tilmann Habermas

Education Background
Doctor candidate
Department of Psychology and Sports Sciences, Goethe University Frankfurt

Research project:
Narrating Ambiguous Loss and Protracted Grief

Institute of Applied Psychology, China University of Geosciences, 9/2012-6/2015

 Major: Accidents and traumatic crisis intervention

Master thesis: The psychological reaction mechanism of ambiguous loss base Grounded Theory

Participate in Scientific Research Projects
  2013-2015: Specification and demonstration research of ten kinds of psychological consultation and treatment technology (The national science and technology support program, No.: 2009BA177B07).

  2013-2015: Predictive factors of Children PTSD symptoms (Wuhan City health plans and Planning Commission Research Project, No.:WG14C23).

  2012-2014: Experimental study of different types of behavior under stress biofeedback training effect of college students (Individual research project).

l  黄满霞,黄元成,章晓云等.社会支持,医学应对及心理照顾对传染病患者心理健康的影响


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