Prof. Dr. Rolf van Dick (范堤克)


Prof. Dr. Rolf van Dick (范堤克)

Leitung der Sozialpsychologie

Vizepräsident der Goethe Universität


Goethe Universität · Institut für Psychologie · Abt. Sozialpsychologie
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  • Berufung zum Fellow der International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP)
  • Gewinner des YAVIS-Preis 2016, verliehen von den Studierenden für die ´beste Lehre´am Fachbereich.
  • Prof. Dr. Rolf van Dick has been chosen as an Outstanding Reviewer for the Journal of Managerial Psychology in the Emerald Literati Network 2014 Awards for Excellence.


  • Prozesse in und zwischen Gruppen
  • Anwendung von Social Identity Prozessen in Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Mergers
  • Teamarbeit

Ausgewählte Publikationen:

  • Ketturat, C., Frisch, J.U., Ullrich, J., Häusser, J.A., Van Dick, R., & Mojzisch, A. (2016). Disaggregating within- and between-person effects of social identification on subjective and endocrinological stress reactions in a real-life stress situation. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 42, 147-160. DOI: 10.1177/0146167215616804
  • Tavares, S., Van Knippenberg, D., & Van Dick, R. (2016). Organizational Identification and “Currencies of Exchange”: Integrating Social Identity and Social Exchange Perspectives. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 46, 34-45.
  • Frisch, J. U., Häusser, J. A., van Dick, R., & Mojzisch, A. (2015). The social dimension of stress: Experimental manipulations of social support and social identity in the Trier Social Stress Test. Journal of Visualized Experiments, (105), e53101, doi:10.3791/53101.
  • Lupina-Wegener, A., Schneider, S.C., & Van Dick, R. (2015). The role of outgroups in constructing a shared identity: a longitudinal study of a subsidiary merger in Mexico. Management International Review, 55, 677-705.  doi:10.1007/s11575-015-0247-6
  • Zhang, X-a., Li, N., Ullrich, J., & Van Dick, R. (2015). Getting everyone on board: The effect of differentiated transformational leadership by CEOs on top management team effectiveness and leader-rated firm performance. Journal of Management, 41, 1898-1933.
  • Steffens, N.K., Schuh, S.C., Haslam, S.A., Perez, A., & Van Dick, R. (2015). Being “of the group” or “for the group”: How followership is shaped by leaders’ prototypicality and group identification. European Journal of Social Psychology, 45, 180-190. doi:10.1002/ejsp.2088
  • Junker, N.M., & Van Dick, R. (2014). Implicit theories in applied organizational settings: A systematic review and research agenda. The Leadership Quarterly, 25, 1154-1173.  doi:10.1016/j.leaqua.2014.09.002